With 6 robots built and almost ready for a total of 18 fights in season 1, the first videos of the series should be uploaded either by the end of the year or the very beginning of 2013. I have a few final bricks and power functions pieces on order as of today to put the finishing touches two of the robots. Since there are only 6 robots total for the first season, round robin will be the style of the tournament. (More information about the brackets can be found on the "season 1" tab on this page.

As for an arena, I am actually working on an arena for my real combat robots to fight in. I am sure hoping it will be interchangeable for Lego robots and my real robots. It is an 8x8 ft. box with 1/4 inch Lexan walls. As of right now, I don't have a floor for the arena, but either wood sheets or steel will be used. This is another reason why season 1 is currently on hold. Hopefully the arena will look a lot like the one in the picture on this page, minus the hammers in the corners.  Until then, my kitchen floor will be the arena, but I don't plan on filming the season without a proper arena. However , test battles and grudge matches filmed on the floor will make their way onto Youtube sometime before or throughout the series. 


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