After a shocking weigh in at 1030 grams, changes to Snaggletooth needed to be made to meet the weight requirement of 950 grams. The over sized battery was where I looked first. By changing to a smaller but same voltage LiPo battery, I was able to shave about 20 grams. This left a lot of excess space on the back support wall, as seen in the original build of Snaggletooth. I was then able to decrease the size of the back wall by 4 studs all the way across, which saved another 35 grams. While changing the wall structure, I found that it would be practical for the the walls to go straight down instead of slopped at a small angle. Doing this helped be take off some unnecessary bricks and pins. Unfortunately, the 90 degree angle forced the entire wall to drag on the ground instead of a slight piece of each brick. As seen in the photo below, I added 2 rounded liftarms that extend lower than the wall to prevent the whole thing from dragging.  Other small structural adjustments reduced the weight to about 875 grams. With some extra weight, I was able to incorporate the 2nd XL motor on the opposite side. However, until I find a 4 gear combination with 1:1 reduction, this motor will be inactive.  


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