Dragonfly, based off of my real Antweight Combat robot, "Vile Ant", is a vicious horizontal bar spinner. With a 3:1 gear reduction drive train, Dragonfly whizzes across the arena floor and is among the fastest of the Lego BattleBots. 2 M motors that are geared down 3:1 power the 8 inch blade. 2 Receivers are used to control the drive and the weapon. The cage on top of the robot secures most of the wires and prevents them from being hit by other weapons.


Wedgetarian, the most durable and sound Lego BattleBot at the moment, can take repeated blows from the wickedest of spinners without taking major damage. 2 M motors with 1:1 gear "reduction" power the drive wheels which can easily push any robot around the arena. 1 receiver controls the 2 drive motors. After lots of testing, 2 sets of horns were added to the top of the wedge to grip other robots and help keep them from flying over the top of the wedge. 


Traumatizer is my 3rd or 4th attempt at a vertical spinner. My previous vertical spinners resulted in self destructing or just complete failure during testing. (Videos from previous models will be posted somewhere on the website). Traumatizer uses 2 XL motors with no gear reduction for drive. The robot is relatively slow, but this helps prevent gyroscopic forces from flipping the robot. The weapon is over 8 inches long, and is powered by 2 M motors running with a 3:1 gear reduction. 2 receivers control the weapon and drive. The biggest improvement from previous vertical spinners to this one is the sturdiness of its leg supports. With 2 6-stud wide leg supports, it's hard for a vertical spinner like Dragonfly to take them out. 

         Drumble Bee

Drumble Bee is an extremely compact drum spinner that has a lot of torque and overall power. The 4 inch tall drum has 2 teeth on each side, for a total of 4 teeth. This is a recent addition; before the drum was only half as wide and only had 1 tooth on each side. Considering the amount of empty space along the shaft, I figured it would only make since to attach another drum to make it one large drum. 2 XL motors with no gear reduction power the weapon. This provides the drum with a ton of torque which helps it keep spinning after getting under a robot. Therefore, this robot easily flips other bots over because the drum never stops. 2 M motors power the drive, and the robot is controlled by 2 receivers.


Zebrick is a versatile robot with an impenetrable wall on the front side, and a detachable wedge in the back. When fighting vicious spinners, the wedge will be taken off to prevent unnecessary damage. Against robots where a beefy front end isn't good enough, the wedge gives Zebrick a whole new strategy. 4 M motors with no gear reduction give this robot lots of pushing power behind the 3 brick thick, 28-stud long wall on the front of the bot. 1 receiver controls all 4 drive motors which are packed away and protected. As of right now, the robot is not invert-able, but bigger wheels can easily be thrown on in the back to make it ride upside-down.


Snagletooth, modeled after one of Vile Ant's most common opponents, is a beefy drum robot with little testing. Whether the drum will prove to be effective, I am not sure. It has a lot of small teeth which will most likely result in grinding against other robots instead of actually throwing them up into the air. For right now, only 1 XL motor with 1:1:1 gear reduction powers the weapon, but I have left room on the other side of the robot to add a 2nd motor. Snagletooth is relatively fast, with 2 M motors used for driving 2 68.7 mm balloon wheels. After minimal testing, a second support wall towards the front of the robot was added to prevent spinners from breaking the leg supports. 

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